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Camping for the Hay Festival 2015  

All About Camping at Wye Meadow

First choose the right size plot - using the pictures and descriptions below as a guide

Wye Meadow provides festival camping with plenty of space and generous plot sizes. Some campers need more room than others to stretch out in. One group of festival-goers will arrive, park up their small campervan, set off for the festival and, except when they come back to sleep, that's all that's seen of them. Another group might like to really strike camp in style. They erect awnings as large as their vans or tents, install their festival flags, banners and totems, set up extensive camp BBQ kitchens and stretch out in their loungers. Both types of camper are very welcome but all will be asked to keep within the boundaries of their allocated space and respect their neighbour's camp territory and the site roadways. This includes keeping vehicles within allocated plots.

Please book plots of sufficient size to cover your style of camping, so that there's no risk of you encroaching on your neighbours ground or inhibiting their enjoyment of their stay. If you need to, you can reserve multiple plots of the same type or any combination of plot types. Only multiple plots of the same type can be booked adjacent to each other. Prices shown for all pitches, except the "Backpackers", include the cost of two adults (aged 16 or older) and a single motor vehicle. You will be asked to pay extra for each additional adult (16 years or older) camping on a pitch.

What plot types can you choose from?

Set out below are pictures and descriptions of the four plot styles you can choose from. Please check what you'll have to pay in full by downloading the Wye Meadow Camping 2015 Fees schedule and referring to the second page of the document. To get an overview of the facilities on offer visit the next page about Camping at Wye Meadow.

There are four different plot sizes for campers at Wye Meadow to choose from. You can book one or multiple plots.

Backpackers Pitch

The Backpackers is the smallest of the Wye Meadow plots. It is for individual campers who have traveled to Hay without a car and have no vehicle to park. It gives a generous 10 metres x 4 metres to pitch your tent and spread out. The Backpackers costs just £7.00 per night. (An second adult on the pitch adds another £7.00 to the overnight fee.) The Full Festival rate for 1 adult on a Backpackers for all eleven nights we are open is £63.00

Click on the picture of Backpackers pitch on the left to see a larger view in new browser window.



The Standard pitch is the most common on Wye Meadow. It provides camping space for up to 2 adults @ £19.00 per night. You'll need at least a Standard if you are coming with a car and a tent. The Full Festival Rate for all Standard pitches with two adults is £171.00 Standard Pitch
Standard Pitch with medium tent & car

The Standard pitch is 10 metres x 6 metres in size. It is designed to take a medium size family tent, a car and two adults. Each additional adult in the party on the pitch costs an extra £7.00 per night

Click onthe three Standard pitch pictures to see larger copies of the images. Each will open in new browser window.

A smaller campervan can also fit on a Standard plot - providing you are not too ambitious about spreading your out of van equipment and activities away from your vehicle. Standard pitch with small campervan


Double Standard with large tent & car If you are coming to Hay with a a large family tent like the one on the right and you are bringing a motor vehicle, you are likely to need a "Double Standard". The overnight rate of £26.00 includes 2 adults camping in the tent. If additional members of your camping group in the tent are under sixteen, there is no extra charge for them. Any additional adult (over sixteen) adds £7.00 to your overnight bill.

Double Standards are also designed for larger or medium sized campervan's that feel the need to spread out on site with expanded camping gear. If you are bringing smaller camping units but traveling in two cars you'll probably also need this 10 metre x 12 metre size. The Full Festival rate for a Double Standard is £234.00.

Click on either image of the Double Standard to see a larger version in a new window.

larger campervan with spreading needs


Large Pitch for Caravan

The Large pitch is 9 x 15 Metres. You'll see from the picture on the left (click on it to see an enlarged version) that this gives ample room for a caravan with awning and the vehicle used to tow it to the site.

Please note that because this greenfield site is only open once a year for the Festival week, there are no electric hook-ups for campers. There are points on site to fill up your water tank and to empty toilets.

Large mobilehomes are also accommodated on the 9 x 15 metre pitch.

The overnight price for the large pitch whether you camp in a mobilehome, caravan or large tent is £29. This allows for two adults. Children come free. Each additional adult costs an extra £7.00 per night.

Large Pitches for Mobilehomes
Large Pitch for Tents

If you have a tent that is too large for the Double Standard pitch or you have a variety of tents and a number of vehicles, the "Large" pitch may be the best option for you.

The Full Festival Rate for the Large pitch is £261 for two adults. Please see page two of the fees schedule available to check prices for the different configurations.

If you go to the Picture Gallery page, you can see further examples of the different plots and how they are laid out in the fields.

Please read the following carefully - Wye Meadow Camping terms and conditions

- Discounts offered for staying for ten or eleven nights: You pay just for the first nine. See the "Festival rate" on price list.
- Children 15 or less must be accompanied by an adult and will attract no charge for their stay. Everyone 16+ counts as an adult
- Wye Meadow Camping and its facilities are open only for the nights of the period covered by the Hay Festival Thursday, 21st May to Sunday 31st May, 2015. (Last campers due to leave a.m. on Monday !st June.)
- Advanced bookings are welcomed and recommended.
- Confirmations by e-mail will be made to those booking. This e-mail will include your reservation number that provides proof of your booking when matched in our admin system. (Please provide exact e-mail address when completing booking form.)
- No deposit is required on booking of less than £300.00 but please make sure you advise us if you need to cancel - otherwise you may be preventing others from taking the space we are holding for you.
- Advanced bookings will only be accepted up to 16:00 on Thursday 14th May. After that date an indication of any remaining availability will be given but only on-site registration will be possible (and that will be subject to plot availability at the time of arrival at Wye Meadow.)
- All Campers must check-in at reception on arrival. Camping fees are payable in full at that time
- Camping fees may be paid in advance by Bank Transfer into the Wye Meadow Bank Account, providing they are received by Friday 15th May.
- Fees other than those paid in advance must be made in full either by cheque made out to "Wye Meadow Camping" or in cash.
- No refunds will be made once campers have checked in and paid

- All Campers are asked to comply with the very reasonable site rules included in the Welcome Document. This is provided to all lead campers at check-in and a PDF version will always be available on the web
- All campers are responsible for making all arrangements to get themselves, their vehicles and their belongs on and off the site. Wye Meadow are NOT responsible for this.

There are no hidden charges. All the facilities provided by Wye Meadow Camping are included in the above prices.
(This obviously does not include the services offered by any external on-site operators like the on-site coffee shop or the caterer.)

To find out more about the facilities on the campsite, please visit our second page about camping just across from the Festival at Wye Meadow.

.......Then make your Wye Meadow Camping reservation

Go to the Contact & Booking Page from 18th March 2014. There you'll see how you can make your reservation. If you have any lingering questions, please first check the Frequently Asked Questions page . If you are not sure about what you will have to pay please download the Wye Meadow Camping 2015 Fees schedule . To check you have the right price for the size of pitch you have chosen, the number of days you are staying and the number of campers in your party, please refer to the quick fee checker on page 2. If you'd like to learn more about the facilities on offer visit the next page about Camping at Wye Meadow.


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